All members of the Brodiaea group make
superb cut flowers.  The individual flowers in
each umbel open in succession instead of
opening all at once.

This means that an umbel may be in bloom
for three weeks or more.  As some flowers
fade, others are opening, giving you a bouquet
that can last for two to three weeks in water
without any obvious deterioration.  Not only
is this hard to improve upon, but the soft
blues, pinks, yellows and whites all blend
beautifully together, while the cherry red of
Dichelostemma ida-maia adds zing to a lovely
Bulbs make excellent cut flowers.
All of the South African gladioli make wonderful cut
flowers, whether you make a small bouquet with G.
alatus or choose the larger species like G. debilis and G.
carneus.  Just a few sprays of Gladiolus tristis will scent
a room in the evening, while Gladiolus priorii will bloom
in time for a Christmas arrangement.  From November
until May or June there are Gladioli in bloom to mingle
with other flowers in a lovely bouquet or stand alone as
a single stem.